Monthly Archives: December 2013

It was a happy 2013!

I had a positive 2013–according to GoodReads, I started 22 books this year (I finished 20 of them), I lost 20 pounds, and I presented at state and national English education conferences. But, somehow, by the end of first semester, I was up to my ears in grading and felt as though I had letdown my students. My students wouldn’t say that, but I knew that I just hadn’t held them to the same expectations that I had held to students in previous school years.

I know that I don’t need to change everything that I do–I’ve made some changes in how and what I teach in response to the Common Core national standards. What I realized, when a fb friend said that she was still thinking about choosing her word for 2014, was that I just needed to stick with what I had done in the past and modify as needed. I didn’t needed to start from the beginning.

Persevere–I need to stick with what I know is best and expect my students to rise up to that level. So I am starting 2014 and second semester with that as my expectation for myself. I WILL stick with what is best.

I’ve already applied it to myself–I lost 20 pounds this summer by watching what I eat and exercising. It is easier to set an exercise routine with few summer obligations but harder with the daily teaching and grading routines. While I am not exercising as regularly as I did this summer, I am persevering and exercising more than any other fall/winter.

To persevere is not really a resolution for 2014, but I do believe that I will feel renewed changing my attitude from try-something-new to stick-with-it.