High School English/Language Arts teacher; this year I teach freshmen and juniors. Next year I will teach juniors all year, freshmen first semester, and dual credit literature to seniors second semester.

29th-year teaching, but the majority of the time I have worked as a Special Education teacher; I was fortunate that for nine of the past twelve years I have had a split teaching position.

Earned my National Board Professional Certification in English/Language Arts; I will probably renew it when it expires in a few years, even though I work in a state that no longer provides any incentives for earning/holding the certification.

Fellow in the Eastern Illinois Writing Project (EIWP) in 2006 and 2010; I have been a coach each summer since 2012.

Presenter at EIWP/ROE11 Institute Day, IATE, and NCTE.

8th-year as the Student Council Advisor; we focus more on homecoming, prom, and spirit rather than student government. I will complete my 9th year but then retire from that extracurricular position.

Wife and Mother of Sons

St. Louis Cardinals and Buffalo Bills fanatic

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