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My toolbox

Last week, I attended a workshop put on by one of the national companies that provides professional development for teachers. This one was to focus on the “rigors” of the Common Core. I’ve been attending workshops on the Common Core standards about twice per year for the past couple, and I’ve even presented at conferences and workshops, but I just feel that there is something more that I could be doing as a teacher. I hoped that this workshop would provide the final nail to connect everything and make my lessons extraordinary.

But there was no nail; not even some glue. Just a couple ideas that I could use to fill a tiny crack. As I filled out the evaluation, I had my aha! moment–my toolbox is relatively full. I don’t need a new hammer–our department has created quarterly unit plans and is working on common quarterly assessments. I don’t need a new screwdriver–I¬†created a weekly lesson plan template that works (when my schedule is not interrupted by snow days, tornado drills, standardized testing). I don’t need a new box of assorted screws and nails–I’ve been amassing teaching resources and strategies for 23 years.

So, what to do now? I have to return to my New Year’s resolution: renew through perseverance. I need to stick with what I am doing and be willing to make changes as needed, but, more importantly, I need to feel confident that I have what I need to teach my students.

I have started a couple different blogs but never followed through (this one included); to build my confidence, however, I have decided to post for everyone (whoever that may be) what I am doing as a teacher. I will start with Kelly Hines “20 Day Blogging Challenge” (http://kellyhines.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/self-initiated-blogging-challenge/), ¬†which will help since I currently have a student teacher in my classroom and I am not directly lesson planning nor teaching.

I welcome any feedback–support or suggestions!