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A Week’s Worth of Spring Break in One Day #SOL2015 Day 14

After reading a number of slices from Friday, March 13th, in which many of us teachers had one of those weeks, I am especially thankful for spring break. And it’s at the perfect time–the week between 3rd and 4th quarters.

 Since having children and living in Illinois, our family tradition has been spring training for the St. Louis Cardinals in Florida. This year college son has a different week off and high school son stayed home for baseball practice.

Today started at 4am; a very early alarm to catch a 6am flight. For the first time ever, I flew in first class–coach will feel even smaller next time. After landing, changing into shorts and a tshirt in the airport, and getting the rental car, it was straight to the ball field. We didn’t go to games last year, but I was surprised at the noticeable changes over the past two years. I did coat myself with sunscreen, but I have a slight sunburn on my right side. 

We watched the game, then checked into the hotel. At that point, I needed a nap–seriously 4am is really early! Dinner was at an incredible restaurant that we do not have anywhere near us back home. The only activity missing was walking on the beach collecting shells. I’ll save that for tomorrow. Good night!