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Seashells!! #SOL2015 Day 18

It wouldn’t be a spring break trip without at least one gallon ziploc bag full of seashells that I have no need for. But I have learned a lot over the years about collecting seashells. 

Low tide is a must. Wearing polarized sunglasses helps you see the shells under the water (sea creatures, too). A couple different people today had children’s insect nets to catch the underwater shells–I will remember that for next year. Pack a few ziploc baggies to hold the collection at the beach and then a few dry bags for the trip home.

And if you are flying and planning to carry on a backpack full of shells, because they would put you way over the 50-pound weight limit, you will need to place each bag in the tray because the X-ray machine cannot see through the shells. 

Today my husband and I revisited a beach that my boys and I went to five years ago (my sons would not appreciate the sharing of this photo). It is Coral Cove Beach in Tequesta, Florida. From five years ago, I remember this beach having a lot of really cool long finger-like shells. We collected there a couple times trying to find the perfect ones. Today we arrived to a plethora of shells (the second picture). Literally all one needed was a bucket and a shovel. I don’t know if there was a recent shellfish die-off or if there was recent dredging, but the shells were more than abundant. In wish my boys had been here; even as a college junior and a high school senior (their ages now), they would have loved to spend the day hunting for the perfect shells.

I did manage to limit myself to one gallon-sized baggie. But I plan to check it this time.