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Pitch Perfect is for Real! #SOL2015 Day Six

Never thought I would write any type of blog post from a school bus, but there’s a first for everything.

Tonight I am chaperoning (until about 3am) a fan bus of 35 chorus kids who wanted to see our very own A Capella group Maximum Forte compete in the ICHSA semifinals. They were one of the top ten teams in the Midwest so making it to the semifinals was already a win. Have you seen the finale of Pitch Perfect? That’s what we saw live tonight.

The look of shock on the ticket sellers’ faces when we unloaded an entire bus of fans was priceless. While the host school had the biggest crowd, we had the most organized fan section–35 students, 2 chaperones, 2 parents , and 1 bus driver. Not only did we cheer fanatically for our school, we were privileged to watch 9 other equally talented groups perform, as well as a lengthy performance by the local university (to allow the judges to tally).

We live in a small rural town–our local university has had an enrollment decline of 28%, and we have no large employers. Despite our economic woes we are fortunate to have a professional opera singer as our choir instructor. She recognizes the talent in our students and nurtures it until we have talent that is in the top ten of the Midwest.

I am so proud of our students–the fans were wonderful and had a great time (although I’d like them to go to sleep on this bus ride home). But I cannot accurately express how proud I am of Maximum Forte. They told me at intermission that they gave everything they had on stage. They were the Bellas and the Treblemakers rolled into one!