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My Final Prom #SOL2015 Day 17

I am in my last two months of my ninth and final year as the student council advisor. I have organized nine homecoming weeks, not quite 27 pep assemblies and spirit weeks, 18 blood drives, countless fundraisers, and 8 proms. I started as the advisor when my sons were in 7th grade and 4th grade; they are now a college junior and a high school senior. And I decided two years ago that my younger son’s senior year would be my last (I teach at the same high school my sons attend).

People–former students, my mom–think that I will miss it. They insist on every facebook post–I have a running list of “This was my last (fill-in-the-blank).” I have each event down to a science or a well-oiled-machine or any other cliche that means systematically organized. I am not retiring from teaching nor leaving my position, so my knowledge will be present next year but just not after school hours.

I will have to work hard to avoid the “that’s-not-the-way-it’s-done” thoughts, but I don’t expect it to be difficult to walk away. I am losing the stipend, but I’m also losing all the stress and I’m gaining a lot of free time. I look forward to reading In addition to lesson planning and grading, but, more importantly, I look forward to spending time with my family–my partners, my husband, and my two college sons. I’m not sure that I need to make up for nine years; I just know that it’s time to move forward. 

I will dance my last dance, and when the clock strikes midnight, I will neither leave behind a glass slipper nor turn into pumpkin. I’ll just live happily ever after.